Reliable, punctual, hard-working. Interested in German, phonetics, and speech technology. Coordinating the 71. StuTS + 31. TaCoS student conference on (computational) linguistics. Founding member and network development officer of the International Language and Linguistics Students' Association.


MSc Voice Technology (Hons)
University of Groningen | 2021-Present

Multidisciplinary program combining speech and technology
Honors program: "Leadership: Making the difference!"

MA Linguistics | Cum laude
KU Leuven | 2020-2021

Formal and Computational Linguistics
Thesis: "Language Learning Motivation of Flemish Secondary School Students"

BA Applied Linguistics
KU Leuven | 2016-2021

Dutch, English, German
Thesis: "The influence of Flemish pupils' attitudes toward German on their language acquisition"


Student Assistant
University of Groningen | 2021

Teaching assistant for the module "Fieldwork Cultural Geography"

KU Leuven | 2020-2021

Diversity Ambassador at the Faculty of Arts
Student Ambassador at Student Services Campus Antwerp

INzicht Examencommissie | 2020-Present
Studant vzw | 2018-Present

Tutoring sessions for German as a foreign language in secondary and higher education

Languages and Skills

Dutch, English, German, Spanish
Praat, Python, RStudio, SPSS, HTML/XML


Honors Program Committee | University of Groningen | 2021-2022
University Education Committee | University of Groningen | 2021-2022
Linguistics Program Committee | KU Leuven | 2020-2021


ILLSA | Network Development Officer
Junge Sprachwissenschaft, GSCL, ACL, Anéla, BDGV, NVFW, WiV